TerraCell ?

TerraCell has entered into a strategic, exclusive manufacturing agreement with Cansera International Inc. of Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada, for all serum filtration and processing services.
By combining the financial resources and structure of TerraCell,All Produscts was follow the the cGMP guid line, TerraCell is well positioned to service the needs of the Biotechnology Industry.
In early 2000, TerraCell established Serum Ventures, an Australian company ,to manage our direct collections of Austrailian origin Fetal Bovine Blood for processing and supply of raw serum to our North American filtration facility. This strategic origin material has become an important alternative for industrial biotechnology customers seeking to balance their supply between safest disease free origins.

FBS - Cell Culture Grade
Aseptically processed and filter sterilized Fetal Bovine Serum selected for low endotoxin and haemoglobin levels. Tested for the absence of infectious, adventitious agents, including mycoplasmas.

Donor Bovine Serum
A unique Donor Bovine Serum collected from a disease free herd of young steers maintained on an isolated farm. Certified free of bovine viruses including; Bovine Leukosis, Blue Tongue, BVD, IBR and Pl-3. Filter sterilized and screened for endotoxin levels and tested for absence of infectious, adventitious agents, including mycoplasmas.

Embryo Transfer Donor Serum
This serum is collected from Donor animals and processed following the same protocol as our Donor Bovine Serum. It is heat inactivated and gamma irradiated to eliminate any risk of infectious, adventitious agents. This material is recommended by CFIA for Embryo Transplants transferred to other countries. It is available in standard bottles and conveniently packaged 10 ml tubes.






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