Obesity lead to all kind of disease such as atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, cardiovascular diseases,
hypertension, stroke, diabetes, degenerative arthritis, fatty liver and many cancers, etc.

Hereditary factor, Endocrine Disorder, Hypothalamus disorder, Stress, Sedentary lifestyle, Insufficient
Exercise, Overeating, Drug side effects

Manufacture of transgenic obese mice (IDPc gene)
¡æExpression of typical obese
symptoms such as hyper-lipidemia, hyperglycemia, fatty liver, fat cell hypertrophy, etc.

Treatment of IDPc inhibitor in diet-induced obese and hereditary obese mice
¡æValidation of antiobese effects such as body weight loss,decrease of plasma lipids and fatty liver, etc.

Treatment of oxalomalate (weak IDPc inhibitor) and mushroom extract in Type I and Type II diabetic animals and obese mice
¡æValidation of antidiabetic effects such as reduction of blood glucose level, reduction of insulin resistance, increase of adiponectin gene expression.


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